Opening up the ceiling and exposing or adding beams, irrespective of the height, can really do a lot for a room, especially with today's open concept theme.  Keeping like colors keeps everything streamlined, adding different textures makes it interesting. 

If you prefer to stay away from beams, breaking into that unused attic space can accomplish the same feel and give you additional storage for those holiday dishes only need once year.  Adding texture in cousin color shades adds to the warmth and casual elegance. 

By taking advantage of the additional height add some texture to your walls, and create a cozy nook with character.
Add a dramatic pop of color.  Below you will see this years very popular blue coupled with this years popular comeback of brass and copper accent pieces.   Super sharp. 


The Loo should be a calm space with  function and storage offering ample space to move and to clean.  If you can slip in a piece of furniture whether it be an antique or modern, and a dramatic window treatment it will add to a relaxing atmosphere.  After all some refer to this room as The Library .


The beiges and earth tones are classic and will go on forever.  Let's talk color!  It's a fine balance to bring the wow factor.  The feedback is, when its done right, it makes everyone's day start on a happy note.   

Notice the textures and  patterns are cousins of one another. That's a designer trick that works and makes what could be a dull space, very exciting indeed.

Being bold enough to take your walls, doors and ceilings to a high gloss rich color creates a level of sophistication and a unique and individual look.  

Whether residential or commercial, wallpaper, particularly in themes on large walls can be very fun, but we highly recommend you hire a designer to help pick it out and a top notch wallpaper hanger.  One must be fearless, methodical and very patient during the creation of this very special art and it's placement.

For the less embolden, earth tones with subtle hints of color and texture always bring a classic look to any space.  Bring in some dramatic patterns for depth of character.