Catherine Elizabeth Kennedy

"The goal is to create art that is easily manipulated so its long lasting irrespective of the medium.  Its also got to be functional.  I find design without function can be burdensome, so there is a great deal of analysis and care given to each project continually benchmarked against each client's wants, needs and goals.

 The strive is to consistently deliver the highest quality.  My process is to strip back a space or an idea and grow it from its purest, simplest point until I am satisfied it's been sculpted to its finest potential.  I'm relentless.  My clients have to be more than happy.  I seek to delight beyond measure.  It's my personal ROI.
I was born with a natural desire to better peoples lives and find great joy in the positive ripple effect my work creates and am humbled for the opportunity."  
"She is an artistic energy unleashed."
Sally Bullock, Browns Hotel, London
"Catherine not only found my new penthouse, she turned it into a home that looked lived in at nano speed.  
I have antiques that look like heirlooms and am surrounded by the finest comforts.  What a great job."
Bob Weinstein, The Weinstein Company
"I nicknamed her ''Tink', because she has a God given talent like nobody I've ever known.  Pure magic."
Robert L Fenton, Producer, Writer
"Catherine has a keen eye for the finest, and somehow snatches up the most unique pieces.  
We could not be more delighted with the outcome and receive compliments from hotel guests daily."
Bob and Wendy Payton, Stapleford Park, Melton Mowbray, England
"The Western  motif. I was wowed."
Peter Filardi, Screenwriter 
"Born artist.  Love the original artwork you did for Dr. Doolittle II.  
It's stunning. Never letting it go."
John Davis, Producer

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